Buddy’s Pancit Lucban and Longanisa: The Home of Authentic Quezon Food Fare

Quezon is home to a wide variety of gastronomic treats. Although not as well-known as the Pampango dishes, Quezon’s fares boasts well balanced flavours that will leave your taste buds wanting for more. And if you want to experience this revelation then there’s no other place to go but to Buddy’s Pancit Lukban and Longanisa.

My husband and I frequented Buddy’s even before we got married and we love their crispy, sizzling pork sisig. Although I know sisig originated in Pampanga, but Buddy’s version is so good I will definitely give good credits to them. We always go for the half pork sisig, which cost around Php95. This is serve with one serving of rice and raw egg and comes is a very hot sizzling plate. I suggest you get yourself ready to attack once the sizzling plate reaches the table; squeeze the calamansi over your sisig and mixed it well so your eggs will get cooked accordingly. The best part about ordering the half sisig is that the rice is served in the sizzling plate and you’ll get a toasty, slightly burnt bottom-part of the rice soaking in the juices of the sisig. It feels exactly like the way you anticipate the toasty bottom-part of a delicious paella. YUM!!!

Another must try in Buddy’s is their (of course) pancit lucban and longanisang lucban. Their pansit lucban is available in three different versions: the original pancit lucban (php175), pansit lucban seafood with pesto sauce (php175) and pancit lucban chicken with pesto sauce (php195). But of course the original is always the best and it is actually voted as the top 3 best pansit in the Metro by Spot.ph. Each serving of the original pansit lucban is good for 2 to 4 people. This pancit is sautéed to perfection; not too saucy and with an al dente bite to it. It is mixed with generous pieces of lechon kawali, petchay, carrots and sayote and it taste almost perfect; savory but not too salty with a peppery hint to it. You can eat it on its own or you can drizzle some spicy vinegar to it, to add a kick of spice and tang to your pancit lucban. You can partner it with the famous Longanisang Lucban (Php95/serving) or if you are in for a carbo trip then you can order the Longanisang Lucban breakfast meal, which is by the way available any time of the day. The Longanisang Lucban breakfast meal or the LongSilog Lucban cost around Php110 and it comes with a serving of garlic rice and an egg, which is cooked just the way you like it. The Longanisang Lucban is not your typical sweet sausage; this one is a savory sausage. It boasts with strong garlicky and peppery taste with a hint of oregano.

Other must-try Quezon delicacies while you’re in Buddy’s are the Hardinera, fresh lumpiang ubod, laing, Halo-Halo with suman, Cassava cake (budin), Sumang malagkit and their creamy Leche Flan. While you’re at it you might also want to try their Buddy’s Pizza Super Supreme, Longanisang Lucban and Kesong Puti Supreme Pizza and their spaghetti. Of which, Buddy’s spaghetti was voted as the #1 best Filipino-Style spaghetti in the entire Metro Manila, beating those of Jollibee’s, Pancake House, Red Ribbon and Greenwich.

So if you are to visit Quezon Province, make sure to drop by Buddy’s Pancit Lucban and Longanisa in Lucban, Tayabas and Lucena City. There are also other branches located in Metro Manila, Makati, Quezon City and Pasig.


Buddy’s Pancit Lucban and Longanisa


LUCBAN    (042) 540-3394 · 540-9575 · 911-1178

TAYABAS    (042) 793-2381 · 793-3732

SM     (042) 710-4822 · 660-7356

PACIFIC MALL LUCENA     (042) 797-1012 · 373-7028

LUCENA TAKE OUT DELIVERY    (042) 710-3632 · 710-6523 · 373-7282 · 660-1968



KAKARONG MAKATI    (02) 895-7185 · 895-7980 · 899-1170

KALAYAAN     (02) 899-5991 to 93

THE LINK, AYALA CENTER, MAKATI    (02) 828-4444 · 828-5555

MARKET MARKET TAGUIG    (02) 886-7711 · 886-7722 · 886-7733

TYCOON ORTIGAS CENTER     (02) 637-3296 · 637-3297 · 637-3298

TIMOG AVENUE, QUEZON CITY    (02) 355-1111 · 355-2222 · 355-3333 · 355-4444

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