Jollibee Review | The Ultimate Burger Steak


Jollibee Ultimate Burger Steak

Jollibee Ultimate Burger Steak

We are frequent visitors of Jollibee because of our kids. They love the spaghetti and Chicken Joy, as well as the French fries and their rocky road sundae. However, I am here all by myself to try the newest addition to their menu: the ultimate burger steak.

I am very intrigue about this burger steak simply because it has all the elements that I love: burger, French fries, eggs and rice. I am not quite sure though if Php119 is a fair praice for this meal. Being the “proudly kuripot” that I am, I was thinking that I can get a more decent meal for Php119. But anyways, I will give this ultimate burger steak a chance. The meal is available ala carte for Php109 and with small size drink for Php119.

As promised the meal comes with 1/3 pound burger patty, this is way bigger than the regular burger steak patty, more like the patty of the Champ. It is meaty and juicy, but I doubt that it is made with 100% pure beef as they claim. Since this is fast food, I should expect the fries to be soggy after soaking for minutes in the mushroom gravy. But it still tastes good. The meal comes with sunny side up egg, but I want my eggs well done so I ask the crew to cook my eggs accordingly and he gladly oblige. Thanks Mr. Jollibee crew! I am also glad that the rice that comes with the meal is not the usual “puto” rice that Jollibee serve. The rice was fluffy and was cook perfectly. The entire meal fills me up just right, no need for extra rice or any sidings.

I admit I was wrong and the Php119 is well worthy for this heavyweight meal. I give this ultimate burger steak thumbs up but I was thinking of mix and matching it the next time I try it with my husband… I was thinking of ordering this meal and create something different, like a burger and egg sandwich just like juicy lucy or a burger/ mushroom poutine…  YUM!  I was also wondering if they will say yes if I ask the mushroom gravy to be served separately next time… Hhhmmm…

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