Mang Inasal: From Family Favourite to Bad Dining Experience

When I first saw Mang Insal in a TV commercial I was so enticed by their chicken bbq, crispy kangkong and unli-rice. This is simply because these are three of my most favourite thing ever. So I was so excited when I learned that they will have a branch in Lucena. And truth be told, me and my husband were one of the very first Lucenahins to try Mang Inasal in our city. And yes we were not disappointed. We instantly fell in love with their juicy, flavorful, slightly sweet and very big piece of chicken inasal. Imagine getting an entire chicken wing and breast for only Php99 plus you can have as much rice as you want. Plus, you can concoct your own sawsawan and they will provide you with sili, calamansi, soy sauce, vinegar and inasal oil. I also love their crispy kangkong with mayo dip. The crispiness of tempura coated, deep fried kangkong goes perfectly well with the creaminess of the mayo. It’s a bit oily but I still love it. We also tried their sigsig and halo-halo and it was all good. Plus their service is really nice. Mang Inasal becomes an instant hit for us, which is why we frequented this restaurant every time the whole family goes out.

Unfortunately, time flies really fast. When Mang Inasal became popular and two new branches were put up in Lucena, I noticed that their service and the quality of the food have declined, at least on the two new branches. There were times when we have to send the chicken back to the kitchen because it was still raw (bloody raw). The free soup that they offer becomes ubberly sour and salty to the point that you will feel that you were like drinking vinegar with salt. And the most horrifying of all, Crispy Kangkong was actually removed from their menu and was replaced by ginataang kangkong which is actually more like kangkong with bagoong in a not so good way.

The last and final time we went to Mang Inasal, I tried their puto and dinuguan and was hoping that this can lift my spirits for this restaurant because I love this combination but unfortunately I was wrong. The puto was so dry and the dinuguan was salty, soupy and instead of pork meat I get pork FAT!!!  My husband tried their Spicy Paa and we almost laugh when it was served. The spicy paa was actually the same chicken inasal leg and thigh part and the only reason it was called spicy was because it was serve with 1 piece of bird’s eye chilli. Seriously! And again, the chicken is still raw inside so we send it back to the kitchen. When we ask for the waiter carrying the unli rice, he just ignores us, as if he didn’t hear me and when the chicken came back, it is still RAW!!!  The worst part was, when I complain to their manager his response was “magkano po ba ang kailangan nyo?” What the… I was only asking for our chicken to be “re-cook” (for the 3rd time actually) because it is still raw and we get that response. We have been very loyal to Mang Inasal for almost three years and then this?  So what we did was, we take the chicken home and just fry it so we can eat it. Since then, we have never returned to Mang Inasal.

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