The Floating Bamboo Raft of Kamayan sa Palaisdaan

If you are looking for extra-ordinary dining experience then Kamayan sa Palaisdaan in Tayabas, Quezon is the place to visit. This restaurant is known for their floating dining cottages that are place on top of bamboo rafts. Below the bamboo rafts are the fish ponds wherein the restaurant’s tilapia and bangus were breed.  But of course, besides theses amazing features, Kamayan sa Palaisdaan is also known for their fresh and sumptuous food selection.

There are actually 3 Kamayan sa Palaisdaan in Tayabas and they are located just minutes away from each other; the original Kamayan sa Palaisdaan, Kamayan sa Palaisdaan and El Pescado Bar and Kamayan sa Palaisdaan Hotel and Resort. If you are travelling from Lucena then you will first see the newest Kamayan, the Kamayan sa Palaisdaan Hotel and Resort. Just a few minutes away, to the right side is the Kamayan sa Palaisdaan and El Pescado Bar. Just a few steps away is the original Kamayan sa Palaisdaan and this is where our family frequently go for special occasions.

The best time to visit Kamayan is during the summer season. That way you can explore around the restaurant and experience the clean fresh air of Tayabas, Quezon. Kamayan is surrounded by rice fields, tall trees and mountain ranges, a good sign that you are far away from the pollution and tension of city living. Entering Kamayan is like entering a new world (seriously) especially if you are used to city living. Anyways, so much about the majestic setting, let’s go to the real deal; the FOOD.

Kamayan sa Palaisdaan is known for their, well, Tilapia. This is because they serve freshly caught Tilapia from their own fish pond. So, I suggest you try their SINUGNO. It is grilled Tilapia cooked in coconut milk and mustard leaves. It is upgrade from the plain, sauce-less grilled Tilapia and cost Php290 per order, which is good for 4 people. Another must-try is their Ginataang Hito, Grilled Liempo and Binalot n Seafoods, which cost Php285, Php295 and Php350 per order respectively. If you are not from Quezon, you might want to try Kamayan’s Laing, Ensaladang Pako , Pancit Lucban, Pilipit and their fruits in season.  By the way I forgot to mention, Kamayan sa Palaisdaan, as its name implies, encourage eating with your bare hands, which adds to the excitement while eating on nito plate and banana leaves and staying on floating bamboo rafts.

If you are planning to visit and stay for a night or more, you might want to try Kamayan sa Palaisdaan Hotel and Resort. They have function halls, swimming pools, bar, restaurant, basketball court, camp site, trail trek, hotels rooms and kubo. Room rates start from Php2400 to Php7000.



Brgy. Dapdap Tayabas Quezon
Restaurant: (042) 793-3654 or (042) 793-3655
Hotel & Resort: (042) 793-0088 or (042) 793-0089
Cellphone: 0918 951 0460

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